Past Work

Ruvin is a writer and director in film and an executive producer in television. He graduated from the University of Southern California and New York University Film School.

He has directed numerous films, including “Lucky Man”, the mafia drama that starred Frank Vincent (GoodFellas, Sopranos) and Vincent Pastore (Sopranos). The film was well received by critics. Newsday called it a “passion play,” and Montreal Gazette wrote, “This drama of obsession and redemption is a killer.”

“Orbach delivers smart dialogue and surprisingly complex character development” -Rich

Buzznet stated, “It’s a pretty brilliant exercise in style by writer-director Ruvin Orbach, who has come closer to exactly replicating the looks and sounds of a cheap crime thriller from the mid-’70s with his little indie.” Spike DVD wrote, “Filmmaker Ruvin Orbach’s Lucky Man demonstrates an easy flair for gritty humor and quirky characters.”

Frederick Sisa from the Front Page wrote, “Orbach does land a well-struck blow; good filming technique, good cast, the whole shebang.”

Both Oliver Stone and Brian De Palma offered their praise to Ruvin’s work in “Lucky Man”.

“Keep going in the direction you are going,” Stone said to Ruvin.

The film is distributed by S’Mores Entertainment and Echelon Studios, and the DVD Box set is available for purchase on eBay, Amazon, and Best Buy, and also streams on Netflix.

After the success of Lucky Man, Ruvin signed on to develop, write, and direct three more films. One project collaborated with the Wu-Tang Clan in detailing how the mob, the music business, and hip hop in Brooklyn all tie in.

He also signed a six-figure deal with Film Star on a feature comedy called, “How to Catch a Gangster,” which was announced at a press conference at American Film Market. Another project is with Visualiner Studios on a romantic comedy, “Love and Sex and All the Rest.”

He was hired by Glen M. Stewart (“Smart People”) to restructure the noir film “Dark Streets” with Bijou Phillips and Elias Koteus. Later, he was commissioned by Blue Water Entertainment (producer of Sundance Film Festival award-winner “Fuel”) to write a treatment about the “The Roni Levi Story” -an adaptation of two books about the true story of the murder of Roni Levi in Australia.

Current Work

Besides, “The Glass Cage,” Ruvin is currently directing the pilot version of “Constant Treason,” about the military’s bioengineering of soldiers. The story focuses on a hacker who threatens to take a story public, and a CIA agent who fall in love with each other. He is currently in the process of setting up the show with a network.

Also, Ruvin is currently working on releasing a new action adventure script entitled “Weather Wars.” about weather modification – the military’s manipulation of the weather. In the story, the world is running out of oil and is on the cusp of world war. Nuclear weapons become obsolete due to their far-reaching capabilities, so weather becomes the weapon of choice. A large-scale weather war ensues that threatens to destroy the world’s ecosystem.

In the summer of 2018, Ruvin is slated to direct “The Royal Scam,” a film centering around two yuppies that lose everything in the financial meltdown of 2008 and begin robbing corrupt bankers who have made off with Uncle Sam’s money.

In addition, he is serving as Executive Producer for the show “Persona,” in a strategic partnership with The Motion Picture and Television Fund. The program combines two A-List stars that share the same image but are from different eras.