Delving Further into Weather Wars

Delving Further into Weather Wars Technology has reached heights that humankind could not have even fathomed only a few decades ago. Unfortunately it is in human nature to utilize our scientific developments with malicious and dangerous intentions. In addition, I have always admired Rob Simone’s internationally successful radio show on weather modification by governments. Which…

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Weather Wars

The film, a futuristic Tom Clancy-style military action adventure, explores the implications of weaponized weather LOS ANGELES, May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Filmmaker Ruvin Orbach has announced the completion of “Weather Wars,” an action-adventure feature screenplay set in 2040 amid a full-scale war using artificially-triggered natural disasters. The story is based on Rob Simone’s internationally successful…

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“The Glass Cage” Press Release

Production Kicks Off for Ruvin Orbach’s Noir Film, “The Glass Cage” Fans of noir films will delight in news of a new movie in the genre under production, “The Glass Cage.” The film is slated to begin shooting in August 2017 in Toronto. The film, set in the seventies, revolves around an aristocratic femme fatale,…

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