Delving Further into Weather Wars

Weather WarsDelving Further into Weather Wars

Technology has reached heights that humankind could not have even fathomed only a few decades ago. Unfortunately it is in human nature to utilize our scientific developments with malicious and dangerous intentions. In addition, I have always admired Rob Simone’s internationally successful radio show on weather modification by governments. Which is why I decided to partner with Rob Simone, the award winning talk show host on 104.4FM on Coast to Coast radio, to analyze this phenomena.The result was the creation of WEATHER WARS, which is essentially a full-scale-action-adventure film adaption of Rob Simone’s world-famous radio show. I have recently finished the screenplay for WEATHER WARS and am currently setting it up for production.

Based Off Popular Conspiracy Theories

A majority of great science-fiction stems from wild conspiracy theories with a hint of truth. Numerous conspiracy theorists have insisted that governments have used weather modification as a method of warfare since the 1970’s. In fact, in 1978 the United Nations created a treaty to prevent all of the world’s militaries to refrain from using weather modification attacks during battles.In modern day, weather modification usually occurs for larger, innocuous events such as the Olympics and does not seek to harm other countries, but rather create a more welcoming environment. However, In Weather Wars, Ruvin and Simone explore the idea that the advancement of weather modification in the near future could lead to all out weather wars.

The World of Weather Wars

The world in which  Weather Wars is placed depicts a technologically-advanced era of humanity were weapons place a precedence over the health of the ecosystem. The story revolves around a weather war set in the future that will inevitably destroy the world’s ecosystem if not stopped. World governments decide that the use of weather manipulation is a great way to defend their nations, completely ignoring the plethora of environmental repercussions. Therefore this world is one riddled with erratic weather patterns and international food shortages. Weather Wars is one of those rare films that seeks to warn the human race of their destructive nature and point it in the right direction.

The Story

The the protagonist of the story is a professor who helped with the advancement of weather technology for humanitarian reasons.. However, he was deceived into using his invention for warfare in service of the US military. To make matters worse he is forced to team up with his ex-wife, who is also the head of the Department of Defense’s sector of weather manipulation.  The two must  two reconcile their differences to save the world.

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