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When developing new projects, I like to explore and discover worlds that are all encompassing.  For example, THE GLASS CAGE is a window into the world of the super rich in the 1970’s. THE GLASS CAGE is the story of an heiress named Brooke Bailey, who is considered the female Jay Gatsby of the 1970’s. Brooke Bailey and a detective try to pin a double murder on each other, but they end up falling in love at the same time. My past film LUCKY MAN explores the inner workings of the Brooklyn mafia. It tells the story of two brothers, one a seminary student and the other who is addicted to gambling. The seminary student does a favor for the mafia in order to save his brother’s life. Both films explore strikingly different and enthralling worlds with equally high stakes.


Weather Wars

My upcoming screenplay called WEATHER WARS explores the scientific community behind weather modification. WEATHER WARS creates a future where the military makes use of the weather in a time of war.  The world can no longer use nuclear weapons because they have become too expedient and will ensure mutual destruction. Governments use weather as a weapon and the world enters into a weather war. Two scientists, one for good and for evil battle it out for control over the world’s weather.


Constant Treason

I am also incredibly drawn to the world of spies and counter intelligence agencies like the CIA and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). I recently finished a pilot called CONSTANT TREASON that explores the scientific discoveries of the government agency DARPA and the bioengineering of soldiers. The story is about a hacker and a CIA agent who fight over government secrets and slowly become romantically involved. It is somewhat of a cross between MR. AND MRS. SMITH and HOMELAND.


President’s Private Brief

Also stemming from my interest in government, I am currently developing a television series called the PRESIDENT’S PRIVATE BRIEF. This show will follow a secret government agency that protects the president from being influenced by outside governments and corporations.  It is in the vein of 24 and WEST WING.


Whether exploring the world of spies, the ultra rich or the mafia I am always drawn to human dramas within complex and unique worlds.  A solid canvas makes storytelling much richer.



Stay current with any new developments about any new projects that I might be in the process of creating by checking out my website at regularly.  I will continually post updates!


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